the wind

Feral fennel softens the roadsides of my neighborhood, and something that looks a lot like scraggly kale clings to the rocky seawall. I'm getting into the groove of things at work. Yesterday evening I was sick and fell asleep facedown on the floor after lurching around the house looking intermittently like a pufferfish. Tonight, I watered the garden and put the house back in order. It has been windy lately. I've been trying to wear office appropriate clothes, and by the time I get to work my hair has been completely restyled by the elements. Oh well. Mostly it has felt like I've been walking into the wind, but it shifted the other day and was at my back, gently pushing me along.

IMG_8058 IMG_8061 IMG_8066

rest and recovery

Today is a stat holiday in BC and I've been looking forward to it all month. I spent most of the day in bed, which was not the original plan, but was about all I felt capable of while chasing this gross flu-ish cold out of me.

The highlight of the day was looking at seed catalogs with J and when he brought me, all bundled up, to sit on the beach for a few minutes of fresh air.

Now, back to bed, to hopefully feel better tomorrow.