sitting, drinking coffee

I kind of love these sunny mornings, but I also don't quite know what to do with them and worry that I might be wasting them on sitting, drinking coffee and catching up with myself. But time enjoyed is never truly wasted, this I have decided. If I were in Nelson now, or anywhere really, I'd be doing the same thing but on the coffee shop patio, hopefully coming across friends doing the same, instead of at home. I like the idea of being outside, of going for walks to explore and discover, but the need to get ready to work after lunch pulls me in like a leash. Also, I like this neighborhood but it's edged by industry, busy roads and unkempt apartments. These things are all fine, I suppose, but what I want in a walk is to end up alone in nature, listening to the wind play through tree branches and water lapping shore. To sit still until birds appear from underbrush and my heartbeat harmonizes with the forest. This is the most 'city' that we've ever lived, and I like our house, I like our garden, I love going downtown for food and fun things, but I don't know where to go when I want to get away for a morning. All the quiet spots are a decent drive's distance. Sometimes I go to the ocean's edge, to a paved pathway buzzing with joggers and strollers, seniors and bicycles, and walk slowly when I have a stretch to myself. Maybe it's because I know the beaches and hills outside of town as well as any street of my childhood that I find it easier to breathe surrounded by trees than by people. IMG_6536        IMG_6636