pleasing results

I've been eating the same dinner for four nights now. This has worked out beautifully with early bedtimes and switching the contents of two rooms today (a disastrous-looking event with pleasing results). This meal started as a soup on Sunday and leaned heavily towards appetizing sludge as I scraped the dutch oven this evening. It's lentil, potato and leek based with onion and carrots and minced broccoli greens (or some kind of brassica leaves  from the farm market- but shh because Jer doesn't know that I added them). Because it turned out a little bland, we swirled pesto in (yum!) and added some slices of cheddar (also always a good idea) and I poached eggs to place on top of mine. We're also consuming six-day sourdough bread. The bread was meant to be two days from feeding the sourdough but life got busy and it waited in the fridge. I finally got around to baking it yesterday and it seems to have turned out fine, with a complex sweet-nutty-sour flavor. We've eaten one loaf already. I love where we live. At dusk the full moon loomed behind cherry blossoms on the hill. Earlier in the day out the same window, I saw the morning sun illuminate a field of frosted grass. A robin on the fence was beginning to trill. I've always felt that robins are emblems of spring. On the opposite side of the house, out the kitchen window juncos and chickadees were hopping about.

I haven't posted for a few days because I have been very focused on going to bed. Not a lot has changed. Zephyr managed to get onto my desk which was quite a surprise for me (she just nonchalantly surveyed my papers, lamp and jewellery supplies). She just came trundling down the hallway at full speed. Quite a handful, this bunny. Seven is more active and seems much more confident and better balanced so we think her medicine is working. In other news, Jer pulled some kind of hair creature out of our tub drain and unclogged our sink drain with vinegar and baking soda, earning him a home handyman plumbing gold star.

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